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Fill up this form with details of your bag. After evaluating your bag’s condition, we will contact you on the eligibility of selling or consigning your bag and the rates.



Contact us by filling in the form above or via Whatsapp at +65 8866 0332. Our Merchandising experts will reach out to you in a few working days

Step 2 - Let us get back to you!

If your item is within our accepted range, our team will offer you a buy-in price subject to condition (for sell in) or provide suggested selling price (for consignment).

Step 3 - Mutual agreement

If our prices are agreeable, we will schedule a product collection. We will then share our final buy-in price depending on condition after a round of product inspection.

Step 4 - GET PAID!

Receive Payment via Paynow. Your product will be listed online within 3-5 business days. Payment will be issued within 7 working days if your item is sold under consignment.

Consignment fees

Selling Price (Transacted Value)


$100 - $999
$1000 - $2999
$3000 - $9,999
$10,000 onwards

why sell to us

At Ox Luxe, we want to facilitate selling pre-owned luxury for sellers while ensuring fast and easy transactions.

Sellers get free quotations from our merchandising team sharing the market’s latest buy-in price (subject to condition or when product is within accepted range).

Lady holding Pink Chanel Bag
Lady with LV Bag

Why consign with us

We provide our consignees with a peace of mind when consigning with Ox Luxe. Our end-to-end services include:

✔️Insurance. All consigned products with Ox Luxe are 100% insured by third-party insurance against loss or damage

✔️Fair market pricing. All our suggested selling prices for your beloved items are based on current market demand and offers.

✔️Product value highlight. All consigned items will undergo authentication, product photography, copywriting and extensive marketing communications.

✔️Delivery. When your product is sold, our team will handle all logistics including packing, and shipping.